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A purpose built car deserves a purpose built differential. Some cars came equipped with a differential that was just strong enough to do the job when it was brand new. You add a bunch of miles and the irresistible urge to add engine upgrades first and the stock differential is a timebomb. You could be building a performance car from a base model and want the best differential your car could have came with from the factory. You might want something the factory could have never offered.

Truck owners that love big tires learn quickly that sometimes those tires can help identify the weak link in the stock differential and no amount of patching the stock diff will ever satisfy the needs of the truck. At this point, a complete replacement is necessary and we have a wide selection of core housings that we can build to do the job. We can do the same with customer supplied parts

For street rod and custom car builders; we can build a differential that complements your needs; width, bolt pattern, brake options (disc or drum), u-joint options, brake lines, posi traction and eliminating c-clip axles on housings originally equipped that way. The 9" Ford diff is the small block Chevy of differentials but vou may want to build your non-Ford hot rod with a diff that retains it GM or Chrysler heritage. We can do that too.

For Jeep owners there are is a huge amount of aftermarket support. We are dealers for many of them as well as being able to build, repair and install those aftermarket products such as, selectable lockers, lock-out hubs, transfer case short shaft kits, lift kits and many others.

Custom jobs are priced as "time and materials" and with a hourly rate of $130 an hour we continue to provide our customers with the best custom differential work in the valley at competitive prices.

We also work with a fantastic local powder coater to give you the opportunity to have your diff looking great with a finish that is as tough as it gets.

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